Program Curriculum

During the MS/DI program, development of competencies in general dietetics is emphasized including clinical dietetics, food service administration, and community nutrition. The program’s concentration is medical nutrition therapy and management in dietetics practice.  Supervised practice through establishment of a working relationship with registered dietitians is emphasized. Seminars, lectures, and classes complement the student’s practical experiences.

The following 36 credits are required in the program:

Course #TitleSemester Credit
Year 1
MSDI 5110Nutrition Research and Statistical Methods2
MSDI 5111Macronutrients2
MSDI 5112Nutrition Education and Counseling2
MSDI 5083*Practicum in Administrative Dietetics6
MSDI 5210Non-Thesis Capstone Project2
MSDI 5333Advanced Clinical Dietetics4
MSDI 5310Micronutrients3
MSDI 5320Professional Development I1
MSDI 5330Sports Nutrition2
MSDI 5073*Practicum in Clinical Dietetics6
Year 2
MSDI 5230Principles of Nutrition Support2
MSDI 5410Pediatric Nutrition3
MSDI 5420Professional Development II1
A letter grade of “B” or better in each course is required for the student to progress in the program. A minimum GPA of 3.0 is required to earn the degree..
*Practicums 5083 and 5333 are filled by 7 students each fall and spring semester.

Graduation and Program Completion Requirements

Students must do the following in order to successfully complete the program:

  • Pass all required courses in the program with a grade point average of 3.0.
  • Demonstrate all competencies and complete all assignments for the supervised practice rotations within the practicum courses.
  • Score ≥80% on all rotation examinations.
  • Complete the procedures for processing out of the UAMS and CAVHS systems once the supervised practice experiences within the practicum course are complete.
  • Successfully complete two weeks of clinical staffing in the spring semester that includes a passing evaluation from the preceptor and completion of the case study assignment following the criteria outlined by the faculty.
  • Participate in the departmental and campus-wide graduation ceremonies.