Course Descriptions

NMIS 4115—Radiopharmacy I
Radiopharmaceutical preparation for diagnostic use to include quality control. Chemical, physical, and biological properties of radiopharmaceuticals will be examined.  (1 Credit, Online)

NMIS 4116—Journal Review and Research Methods
Critical evaluation of medical scientific literature to include statistical evaluation methods and presentation techniques.  (1 Credit, Online)

NMIS 4211—Introduction to Nuclear Medicine
Survey course for all phases of nuclear medicine technology.  (2 Credits, Online and Lecture)

NMIS 4213—Nuclear Physics
Presents concepts and physical properties governing the atom to include systems and units of measurement, atomic and nuclear structure, particulate and electro-magnetic radiation.  (2 Credits, Online)

NMIS 4214—Instrumentation I
Operational principles of radiation detection equipment to include statistical applications and quality control.  (2 Credits, Online)

NMIS 4221—Health Physics
Legal, biological, and administrative aspects of radiation protection in nuclear medicine. Emphasis on practical means of minimizing radiation exposure to the patient, nuclear medicine staff, and the general public. Prerequisite: NMIS 4213.  (2 Credits, Online)

NMIS 4223—Instrumentation II
Advanced application of radiation detection theory and instrumentation. Prerequisite: NMIS 4214. (2 Credits, Online)

NMIS 4224—Radiation Biology
A study of the interactions of ionizing radiation with human tissues and the potential biological effects resulting from such interactions.  (2 Credits, Online)

NMIS 4225—Radiopharmacy II
Radiopharmaceutical preparation for diagnostic use, to include quality control. Chemical, physical, and biological properties of radiopharmaceuticals will be examined. Prerequisite: NMIS 4115.  (2 Credits, Online)

NMIS 4242—CT Physics and Instrumentation
A study of the physics and instrumentation of computed tomography, computed tomographic image formation, and radiation dose and safety concerns.  (2 Credits, Online)

NMIS 4302—Interdisciplinary Diagnostic Cardiac Imaging
This course provides the student with an understanding of the major modalities for the diagnostic imaging of the human heart.  Included are overviews of the methods, effectiveness, advantages and disadvantages of echocardiography, nuclear medicine, magnetic resonance, computerized tomography, and cardiac catheterization for the diagnosis of heart disease.  (3 Credits, Online/Elective)

NMIS 4312—Clinical Procedures and Diagnosis I
Current uses of radiopharmaceuticals for organ visualization and function with evaluation of results for diagnostic value. Emphasis placed on in vivo procedures.  (3 Credits, Online)

NMIS 4322—Clinical Procedures and Diagnosis II
Continued study of application of radiopharmaceuticals for diagnostic use. In vitro and therapeutic procedures are introduced. Prerequisite: NMIS 4312.  (3 Credits, Online)

NMIS 4431—Clinical Internship III*
Continuation of clinical course work at the advanced level. Prerequisite:  NMIS 4524.  (4 Credits, Clinical)

NMIS 4517—Clinical Internship I*
Practical application of course work presented in the classroom. Students are assigned educational experiences in clinical imaging, radioimmunoassay, and radiopharmaceutical preparation.   (5 Credits, Clinical)

NMIS 4524—Clinical Internship II*
Continuation of clinical course work at the intermediate level. Prerequisite: NMIS 4517.  (5 Credits, Clinical)

NMIS 4741—Clinical Internship IV*
Based on individual needs and prior clinical experiences, the student may elect to continue clinical course work at the advanced level.   Prerequisite: consent of the faculty.  (Variable Credits, Clinical/Elective)

*This course is offered on a satisfactory/unsatisfactory marking basis.