Frequently Asked Questions

Do I have to have a degree to enroll in the NMIS program?  A degree is not required, but there are pre-requisites that must be completed prior to enrollment.

Can I take some of the required courses while enrolled in the NMIS program?  Up to 3 semester credit hours of general education or elective course work may be taken as co-requisites, but all math and science requirements and other prerequisites must be completed prior to enrollment, no exceptions.

Can I get advised prior to applying for the program?  Yes; you can submit your request for advisement via email ( or fax (501-526-7975) with transcript copies from each of the colleges/ schools attended.

Do I have to submit official transcripts for advisement?  No, Advisement can be based on unofficial transcripts.

Are official transcripts required for the application?  Yes; unofficial transcripts will not be accepted to meet the official application requirement.

Will I have to move to Little Rock to attend the program?  No.  The program is offered in several other locations; you must reside or be willing to re-locate to one of the areas where the program is offered.

Is it “hard” to get accepted into the program?   Admission to the program is competitive with the advantage going to those students with higher cumulative and math and science GPAs.  Previous health care experience is an advantage; however, it is not necessary.