Health Insurance

All students admitted to a CHP degree or certificate program must have major medical health insurance coverage at all times. Student insurance policies must meet the following minimum standards.

  • Policies must provide $100,000 in coverage for each covered injury or sickness incident.
  • No major exclusions. For example: plan must cover major medical, pharmacy, emergency medical, mental health, and diagnostic x-rays/lab services.
  • Individual plans must have a policy year deductible of $1,000 or less and family/employer plans must have a policy year deductible of $2,500 or less.
  • Insurance company must provide student with a current identification card and/or policy documents with student name.
  • Insurance company must provide documents in English with currency amounts converted to U.S. dollars and an insurance company contact telephone number in the U.S.

Students may either complete a verification waiver prior to registration for their existing health insurance or purchase the university sponsored health insurance on-line or at registration.

For more information, please visit theĀ Campus Life and Student Support Services’ page.

PLEASE NOTE: If a lapse of insurance occurs during a semester in which a student in enrolled, the University will assume no responsibility for expenses incurred for health care services rendered to the student or his/her dependents. Lack of required health insurance may also affect student status.