Technical Standards

In order to accomplish the objectives of the dental hygiene program, students must be able to meet the following performance requirements:

  • Professional attitude during all phases of the application process. If at any time during the process, it is determined that your attitude or actions are unprofessional, your application may not be considered for acceptance.
  • Visual acuity with corrective lenses to identify oral tissue changes and evaluate treatment effectiveness.
  • Hearing ability with auditory aids to understand the normal speaking voice without viewing the speaker’s face and take/hear blood pressure with a stethoscope.
  • Physical ability to sit for prolonged periods of time, perform repetitive wrist motion for instrumentation, and move from room to room or maneuver in limited spaces.
  • Written and verbal communication skills to succinctly describe patient conditions, document findings in a patient record and implement oral health teachings.
  • Manual dexterity to use a variety of instruments in the small, confined space of the oral cavity.
  • Function safely under stressful conditions with the ability to adapt to an ever changing environment inherent in clinic situations involving patient care.
  • Computer skills to use a variety of software programs and the Internet for research and course projects; power point utilized for presentations.
  • Time management skills in order to effectively and efficiently sequence treatment needs.