Dietetic Internship 50th Anniversary and Master of Science in Clinical Nutrition 30th Anniversary

On March 10th, the Dietetic Internship celebrated its 50th anniversary and the Master of Science in Clinical Nutrition celebrated their 30th Anniversary.  Over the course of 50 years, these programs have graduated more than 700 students.  More than 80 alumni, faculty, staff and students attended this virtual celebration.  As a department, we have  touched countless number of lives for five decades as we strive to train students who are dedicated to improve the health across the state of Arkansas and our nation.  Happy Anniversary Dietetics and Nutrition program!

Alumni and Comments

“One of the best decisions I’ve made was applying to the UAMS/CAVHS dietetic internship. Being from out of state I knew no one, but that changed quickly as I gained friends that were like family.”
– Erin Coppenbarger – Dietetic Internship, Class of 2014

“In addition to receiving my Master of Science in Clinical Nutrition, I graduated from the Dietetic Internship in 2004. I received a top-notched educational experience from both programs, Dietetic Internship and Master of Science in Clinical Nutrition”
– Stephanie Lopez-Neyman, MSCN, Class of 2003; Dietetic Internship, Class of 2004

– Anita Bercher – Dietetic Internship, Class of 1996

– Lily Cheak – Dietetic Internship, Class of 2019

– Fariba Jousheghay – Clinical Nutrition, Class of 2016


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