Prerequisite Courses

Traditional Program Prerequisite Courses

The prerequisites listed on this page are for the on-campus Traditional Medical Laboratory Sciences program only.  For the online MLT-to-MLS Degree Completion program’s prerequisite requirements, please click here.

A minimum of 69 credits are required from a regionally accredited college or university and must fulfill all College requirements regarding the acceptance of transfer credit.  Only courses with a grade of “C” or better are accepted to meet prerequisite course requirements.  Students are eligible for the MLS program after completing 63 credits, including all of the science and mathematics requirements.  However, upon acceptance into the program, an additional 6 credits of core curriculum must be listed on the student’s degree plan.

Our Advisor’s Manual, a guide to taking these prerequisites at various institutions in Arkansas, is available by clicking the button below.

Download the Advisor's Manual for Medical Laboratory Sciences
Area/Typical Course TitleMinimum Credits
English Composition
Two-semester sequence of English Composition6
Speech Communication*
Fundamentals of Speech or Speech Communication3
College Algebra3
Trigonometry/Statistics/Calculus (or higher level mathematics)3
Biological/Health Science**
Biology with laboratory4
Anatomy & Physiology with laboratory4
Microbiology with laboratory4
Two-semester sequence of General Chemistry with laboratories8
Science Electives***8
Fine Arts****
Music, Art, Theater3
Philosophy, Political Science, Literature, or Humanities3
History of the United States or National Government3
Social Sciences
Psychology, Sociology, Anthropology, Geography, or Economics6

*An additional Humanities course may be substituted for Speech Communication.

**Chemistry and Biology/Health Science courses must be suitable for majors in those disciplines and must include laboratory credit in required courses. Other courses may fulfill the program’s requirements. Contact the department for course approval. CLEP credit for science courses is limited to Biology I and Chemistry I.

***Recommended electives include introductory courses in Computer Science, Management, Genetics, Organic Chemistry, Biochemistry, and Quantitative Analysis. Science courses can be substituted with Department Chair approval.

****The Fine Arts requirement cannot be fulfilled with a studio course. An additional Humanities course may be substituted for Fine Arts.

*****Humanities requirements may be selected from the courses in the subject areas of philosophy, political science, literature and the humanities. The course in National Government, if selected to meet the US History/National Government requirement, cannot also be used to meet the Humanities requirement in Political Science. Acceptable courses in literature must be broad survey courses; world literature is especially recommended.