Clinical Education

It is the goal of the clinical education program at UAMS to enhance the overall learning environment for each individual student by providing the opportunity to develop clinical decision making skills while learning from qualified therapists in the field.  The program serves the community by promoting physical therapy services to improve the quality of life for current and future patients.  The program encourages and promotes students to become life-long learners in the field and to further improve upon their skills and ability to contribute to the profession.

The clinical education program works in conjunction with the didactic component of the curriculum to promote applied learning throughout the program.  Students begin to work with clinical instructors and patients beginning in the first semester of the program through Integrated Clinical Experiences (ICE).  As part of the clinical education curriculum, students work with patients in either ICE or full-time clinical experiences in every semester of the program.  Beginning in the second year of the program, students work in the on-campus Student-Led Interprofessional Education Clinic, North Street Clinic, alongside other health professional students and faculty.  Students participate in 36 weeks of full-time clinical experiences, including the final 8-week elective placement.  The full-time clinical experiences are spread throughout the program to allow for students to return to campus to de-brief their experiences and maximize the learning opportunity from each clinical placement.  The clinical education program offers collaborative learning experiences that are a pivotal element to the overall curriculum plan at UAMS.

PT Clinical Education Curriculum

Clinical sites are selected and approved by UAMS Director of Clinical Education based on each site’s mission and how they meet criteria for student placement.  For more information on becoming a clinical site for the UAMS DPT program, please contact:
angel holland pt

Angel Holland, PT, DPT, GCS
Director of Clinical Education
(479) 713-8600

Clinical Instructor Privileges and Development

UAMS values the time and commitment given by our clinical sites for the education of our students.  In appreciation for this partnership, UAMS offers a variety of CEU opportunities for clinicians throughout the year in the new, state of the art physical therapy department.  Clinicians who have agreed to serve as clinical instructors are given a significant discount for all CEU courses.  In addition, the Director of Clinical Education or other faculty may provide in-service presentations for affiliated clinical sites for therapist development.  UAMS will provide clinical instructor development workshops for CEU credit at low cost to the affiliated clinician.  On-site UAMS library privileges are also available upon request.

Clinical Education Resources

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