Why Pick the UAMS DPT Program?

To view an online presentation about the top ten reasons to choose UAMS’s DPT program, head over to our Information Sessions and Tours page.

Ten Reasons to Pick UAMS

1 new academic facilities1. New Academic Facilities

A new program means new physical facilities and new equipment for teaching and research.  We have over 14,000 square feet of newly renovated Teaching & Research space.

2. Onsite Clinical Facilities2. Onsite Clinical Facilities

We have an onsite Outpatient Rehabilitation Clinic that provides PT, OT and Speech Therapy to the community. We also have an onsite inpatient State Veteran’s home and Pro-Bono Student-Led Interprofessional Clinic where faculty and students see patients on a regular basis.

3. Holistic Admissions Process3. Holistic Admissions Process

Our students are admitted on both academic and non-academic factors – such as communication skills, leadership, initiative, community service, and clinical experience.

Low Class Size4. Low Class Size

We only accept 28 students per year. With eight full-time faculty (plus adjuncts) that provides a low student-faculty ratio and more opportunities for individualized instruction.

5. Active Learning5. Active Learning

We learn by doing, not by listening. The entire DPT curriculum is built around the concept of Active Learning. We will flip the classroom & utilize problem-based and team-based learning.

6. Clinical Education Every Semester6. Clinical Education Every Semester

Our onsite out-patient and in-patient facilities allow clinical education experiences every semester of the program.  The first clinical experience starts the first week of the program.

7. Inter-Professional Education7. Inter-Professional Education

UAMS supports Inter-professional Education in the classroom and the clinic. You will learn with, from and about other disciplines – to create patient-centered Health care teams.

8. Electives8. Electives

Students will have some ownership of their education at UAMS by choosing two elective didactic courses and 1 full-time clinical internship elective.

9. Service Learning9. Service Learning

Part of the Mission of UAMS is to give back to the community. Each DPT student must perform a minimum of 10 hours of service learning (of the student’s choice) every semester of the program.

10. We Have Recess10. We Have Recess!!

Harvard Psychiatrist John Ratey writes, “Exercise is the single most important thing a person can do to improve their learning.” Exercise enhances brain function at a fundamental level. We all need recess!

We also have an onsite fitness center available 24 hours at no extra cost.

UAMS offers 64 baccalaureate, master’s, doctoral, professional and specialist degree programs and certificates through our Colleges of Health Professions, Medicine, Nursing, Pharmacy, Public Health and Graduate School.

The UAMS Northwest Campus is located in the heart of Fayetteville, Arkansas. Located in the foothills of the scenic Ozark Mountains and close to metropolitan areas including Little Rock and Tulsa, Fayetteville boasts a thriving cultural scene, easy access to outdoor recreation, eclectic shops, and restaurants that serve everything from comfort food to organic cuisine.

The city is complete with gorgeous trails, running streams, serene lakes and breathtaking foliage, offering something for everyone: nearby hiking and a trail system that runs throughout the city, live music and entertainment on Dickson Street, canoeing and rafting on nearby rivers and water sports at Beaver Lake, local theater offerings, and museums. Fayetteville is home of the University of Arkansas with outstanding research and development capabilities, a world-class public library, superior academic facilities and amenities, and the Arkansas Razorbacks.

Fayetteville is “one of the country’s best-kept secrets with its thriving economy and a family-friendly atmosphere nestled in the Ozark Mountains.” – Sperling’s Best Places

Forbes Magazine ranked Fayetteville the 7th best college town

Money Magazine has chosen the Fayetteville area as one of the “Best Places to Live in America”

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