Interprofessional Education at UAMS

Interprofessional education (IPE) involves learning from, with, and about other disciplines. All students at UAMS participate in a seven-step curriculum focused on IPE activities prior to graduation. Educational events include interprofessional activities in three phases which are facilitated by trained faculty members from various colleges within UAMS. The UAMS Northwest Regional Campus Interprofessional Education office is led by Dr. Angel Holland, who serves as the Associate Director of IPE Education on our campus.

For more information, visit the Interprofessional Education Curriculum Framework website.

North Street Clinic

The North Street Clinic is a free, interprofessional student-run clinic that treats Marshallese adults with type 2 diabetes and hypertension. Students and providers from the College of Medicine, Pharmacy, Physical Therapy, Graduate Nursing, and Occupational Therapy work collaboratively to evaluate, develop, and implement a plan of care to address the patient’s needs.

The North Street Clinic is overseen by the Student Board of Directors. This board is made up of elected students within the disciplines that are involved in providing care within the clinic. In addition to meeting once every month for board meetings, board members also alternate in serving as the director on duty. This person is responsible for providing direction and oversight to the clinical operations each week.

Each week, participating students from physical therapy, medicine, pharmacy, occupational therapy, and nursing are assigned to an interdisciplinary team. Teams collaborate to provide an interdisciplinary assessment and evaluation of the patient.  Students both work together and with faculty preceptors to develop and execute a plan of care to meet the patients’ medical and functional needs. Treatment may include ordering laboratory tests, prescribing medications, referring to outside providers or other community resources, prescribing exercises/activities or skilled therapies, and providing education on medication management, diet, and exercise.

The North Street Clinical experience allows students to learn with and from other members of the healthcare team as they navigate the management of patients with multiple comorbidities. The involvement of faculty preceptors provides a safety net that allows the interdisciplinary team to practice, refine, and advance their skill set as student clinicians. Current physical therapy preceptors are Drs. Chris Walter and Nadia Marconi.  Dr. Walter also serves as the clinic’s co-director.

For more information, visit the North Street Clinic website.

Christopher Walter

For questions, please contact Christopher Walter, P.T., D.P.T., Ph.D., Associate Professor and Co-Director of the North Street IPE Clinic in Fayetteville, Arkansas