Program Competencies

Program Competencies (PAEA Core Competencies for New Physician Assistant Graduates)
UAMS Physician Assistant Program

1. Medical Knowledge

  1. Recognize normal and abnormal health states across the lifespan (NG 1.1)
  2. Discern among acute, chronic, and emerging disease states. (NG 1.2)
  3. Determine differential diagnoses, order and interpret diagnostic studies, perform necessary clinical procedures, diagnose, treat, and manage illnesses. (NG 1.5)

2. Interpersonal and Communication Skills

  1. Understand the role of structural disparities in causing illness. (NG 2.4)
  2. Provide effective, equitable, understandable, respectful, and quality care that displays cultural humility and is responsive to diverse health beliefs and practices, preferred languages, health literacy, and other communication needs. (NG 3.6)
  3. Organize and communicate information with patients, families, community members, and health team members in a form that is understandable, avoiding discipline-specific terminology when possible and checking to ensure understanding. (NG 3.7)

3. Patient-Centered Care

  1. Recognize the potential impacts of social determinants of health, biology, and genetics on patients and incorporate them into decisions of care. (NG 2.2)
  2. Gather accurate and essential information about patients through history taking, physical examination, and diagnostic testing. (PAP 3.1)
  3. Develop, implement, and monitor the effectiveness of patient-centered management plans. (PAP 3.4)

4. Professionalism

  1. Articulate standard of care practice. (NG 5.1)
  2. Reflect on personal and professional limitations in providing care. (NG 2.7)
  3. Demonstrate respect for the dignity and privacy of patients while maintaining confidentiality in the delivery of team-based care. (NG 5.5)
  4. Demonstrate commitment to personal wellness and self-care that supports the provision of quality patient care. (PAP 5.8)

5. Systems-based Process

  1. Recognize financial implications to the provision of healthcare. (NG 6.1)
  2. Appreciate the value of team-based care and the collaborative physician/PA relationship. (NG 6.3)
  3. Understand different types of health systems, funding streams, and insurance, including the role of Medicare and Medicaid as payors. (NG 6.4)

NG: Core Competencies for New Physician Assistant Graduates (2019)   PAP: Competencies for the PA Profession (2021)