Career Ladder Opportunities

Award of Non-graded Credit

The Career Ladder Program is designed for nationally-certified imaging and radiation professionals who have no earned academic credit in their discipline because they received their education via on-the-job-training and/or hospital–based programs that grant no academic credit.  These individuals may receive up to 36 hours of non-graded lower level (1000-2000) semester credits in lieu of transferable academic credit upon completion of all other graduation requirements.

To receive non-graded credit, the student must first be admitted to the Career Ladder Program.  To apply for admission the applicant must:

  1. Submit a CHP application with required fees and official transcripts from all post-secondary institutions attended, including colleges, universities and hospital-based programs.
  2. Provide a notarized copy of the certification or registry document, which must be current, and the holder must be in good standing.

After admission, the student must:

  1. Develop an individualized course plan with the division director.
  2. Successfully complete a discipline-specific competency examination.
  3. Successfully complete an on-campus educational activity, as scheduled with the division director.
  4. Successfully complete all other graduation requirements.

Discipline-specific Competency Examination

The examination will be written, but the department reserves the right to include a clinical component if deemed necessary by the chairman. A score of at least 75% is required to successfully complete the examination.  If the student fails on the first attempt, he/she must wait a minimum of 14 days before scheduling to test again.  If the test is failed a second time, the division director will provide a written plan for remediation, which must be completed and verified by the division director.  If the examination is not taken at UAMS, the applicant must provide a name and contact information for a proctor who meets the division director’s approval.  There is a fee for each examination administered, but there will be no tuition for the non-graded credits awarded.

Fee:  $150.00 competency examination fee per administration

To schedule the examination, please contact your division director.